Data Protection

I have written this privacy policy (version 02.08.2018-211069315) to explain to you, in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Data Protection Regulation Laws and the Data Protection Laws , which information I collect, how I use data and what decision-making options You as a visitor to this site.

Unfortunately, it is in the nature of things that these explanations sound very technical, but I have tried to make the most important things as simple and clear as possible.

Automatic Data Storage

When you visit websites today, certain information is automatically created and stored, including on this website.

If you visit my website as it is now, my web server (computer on which this website is stored) automatically saves data such as

  • the address (URL) of the website you are visiting
  • Browser and browser version
  • the operating system used
  • the address (URL) of the previously visited page (referrer URL)
  • the host name and IP address of the device from which it is accessed
  • Date and Time

in files (web server log files).

As a rule, web server log files are stored for two weeks and then deleted automatically. I do not disclose this information, but I can not rule out that it will be seen in the event of unlawful behavior.

Rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation Laws (US)

According to the US Data Protection Laws you have the right to:

  • Right to correction
  • Right to cancellation
  • Right to restriction of processing
  • Right to Notification – Obligation to Notify in Connection with Correction or Deletion of Personal Data or Restriction of Processing
  • Right to data portability
  • Right of objection
  • Right not to be subjected to a decision based solely on automated processing – including profiling

If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or your data protection claims have otherwise been violated in any way, you can complain to National Conference of State Legislatures

TLS encryption with https

I use https to transmit data securely on the Internet (data protection through technology). By using TLS (Transport Layer Security), an encryption protocol for secure data transmission over the Internet, I can ensure the protection of confidential data. You acknowledge the use of this safeguarding of the data transfer at the small lock symbol in the upper left corner of the browser and the use of the scheme https (instead of http) as part of my Internet address.


my website uses HTTP cookies to store user-specific data. A cookie is a short data packet that is exchanged between the web browser and the web server, but is completely meaningless for the web application and only for the web application, eg. As an online store, receives meaning, such as the content of a virtual shopping cart.

There are two types of cookies: First-party cookies are created by my website, and third-party cookies are created by other websites (eg Google Analytics). There are three categories of cookies: essential cookies to ensure basic functionality of the website, functional cookies to ensure website performance and targeted cookies to enhance the user experience.

I use cookies to make my website more user-friendly. Some cookies remain stored on your device until you delete them. They allow us to recognize your browser on your next visit.

See cookie settings and delete cookies

If you want to know which cookies have been saved in your browser, change cookie settings or delete cookies, you can find this in your browser settings:

If you do not wish the storage of data in cookies, you can set up your browser to inform you about the setting of cookies and to allow this only in individual cases. You can always delete cookies that are already on your computer or disable cookies. The procedure for doing this is different for browsers, the best you are looking for the instructions in Google with the keyword “delete cookies Chrome” or “disable cookies Chrome” in the case of a Chrome browser or exchange the word “Chrome” against the name of your browser, eg. For example, Edge, Firefox, Safari. If you generally do not allow us to use cookies, ie disable them by setting the browser, some features and pages may not work as expected.

Cloudflare Privacy Policy

I use Cloudflare, Inc.’s (101 Townsend St., San Francisco, CA 94107, USA) Cloudflare website to make the site faster and more secure. Cloudflare uses cookies and processes visitor data about which I will inform you below. The Cloudflare cookie (__cfduid) is used to identify individual visitors behind a shared IP address and apply security settings to each visitor. For example, if a visitor to this site is in a location that contains a number of infected computers, but the particular visitor’s computer is trusted, I can recognize this by means of the cookie. The cookie does not correspond to a user ID and does not store any personal data. This cookie is essential to the Cloudflare security features and can not be disabled.

Cookies from Cloudflare

  • __cfduid
    • Expiration time: 1 year
    • Usage: Security settings for each individual visitor
    • Exemplary value: d798bf7df9c1ad5b7583eda5cc5e78211069315

Cloudflare provides web optimization and security services to improve and protect websites. These include a reverse proxy, a pass-through security service, and a content distribution network. Cloudflare collects information from the website visitors. This information may include, but is not limited to, IP addresses, system configuration information, and other traffic information to and from the website. Cloudflare collects and uses log data to operate, maintain and improve its services in accordance with customer agreements. For example, log data can help Cloudflare identify new threats, identify malicious third parties, and provide this site with more robust security protection.

Cloudflare is an active participant in the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, which regulates the correct and secure transfer of personal data. More information can be found at .
More information on Cloudflare’s privacy can be found at /privacypolicy/

Thank you for reading!

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